Thursday, December 13, 2012

Food Allergies Vs. Intolerance

There is a large misconception today about whether or not so many Americans are truly developing food allergies. Food allergy cases have skyrocketed in the past few decades, raising alarm to the FDA and other health associations.

The cause of this exponential rise is still being investigated. Some experts insist that these new cases are a food intolerance rather than a food allergy. Food intolerance differs from a food allergy in several ways, the most important being that a food intolerance is usually not fatal, whereas a food allergy is much more severe and quite often ends in death.

In either case, the reaction to the food or foods in question results in the body producing histamines to try and fight what it believes is a dangerous foreign object or substance. These histamines are the cause of many of the body's natural functions such as rashes, swelling, sneezing, mucous, and in some cases even vomiting.

For those suffering from these reactions to food intolerance, there is a treatment histamine blockers such as Histame are supplements that are ingested, and have the effect to stunt the body's urge to send out these attackers when the questionable food is ingested.

While much more research is needed to prove whether or not humans are gaining more allergies to substances, or simply more intolerance cases. But, at least for those suffering with intolerance, there is a remedy in histamine blockers. However, whether you have an intolerance or an allergy, if you have a reaction to certain foods, the best idea is to stay away from those foods until you have discussed the issues with your doctor. Both food intolerance and allergies are known to spontaneously show up and disappear throughout peoples lives, and you never know whether or not that reaction is going to be simply a burden, or life-threatening.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get a Head Start on your Health for 2013

Looking forward to a new year can fill you up with inspiration, excitement, and a feeling of fresh and new beginnings. Take advantage of this great spiritual and emotional motivation and make a promise to yourself that the new year will bring a healthier you through diet and exercise. Those suffering from compulsive eating, overeating, or other severe food-related ailments should especially take advantage of this new time. Not only are many dietary and weight loss programs for women and men offering deals right now, but some of the best programs for overcoming emotional eating tend to have a high enrollment in January.

Another benefit to beginning a weight loss program at this time of year is that as the months get warmer, and spring rises, your body's metabolism will also speed up, increasing the results you will be able to see as the year moves on.

So before the holidays are over, put some serious thought into making that promise to yourself for a healthier, happier New Year.